Comedy Magic Shows in St. Louis and Surrounding Area.

At Abra-Kid-Abra we perform and teach magic and related variety arts—circus, comedy, balloon art, and puppets. Our mission is bringing out the STAR in kids! We structure our comedy magic shows so the kids who assist us feel proud and shine as the stars. When children learn magic, they develop presentation skills and confidence—valuable life skills.

Hire a Magician!

Hire a comedian magician, party magician, or school magician.

We use a lot of comedy in our magic to get your guests laughing and having fun. In addition to magic shows, we do close up magic right under your guests noses—e.g. during the social hour of holiday party entertainment, or as a warm up to a company picnic magic show.

For school assembly programs we use magic as a vehicle to convey an educational message—e.g. exciting students about math in our math magic show; motivating students to read in The Magic of Reading Show; or reinforcing good character traits in our Heroes, Not Bullies Show; Winners Aren’t Users Show; and our Pillars of Character show.

We tailor our magician shows to fit your occasion and group. See, for instance our birthday party magician shows, cub scout magic shows, senior citizen entertainment, camp magic and circus shows, child care center themed shows, fair and festival entertainment, etc.

Learn How to Do Magic!

We teach you how to do magic, circus, comedy, and balloon art.

We offer after school classes. Ask us if we offer one at your school. If not, ask about starting one up!

In the summer, we conduct magic camp, circus camp, comedy camp, and balloonatics camp in and around St. Louis to help children develop their group presentation skills, and to have fun!

You can learn magic for free on our learn to do magic blog, and by signing up for our free email newsletter.

Our online magic store offers an assortment of magic kits, circus items, comedy sets, and balloon kits. These make great Christmas gifts and birthday gifts for kids.

We also do scout badge workshops for cub scouts and girl scouts.

We conduct in service workshops for teachers to teach them simple magic they can use to engage attention, and highlight key points in their lessons.

Birthday Party Tips and More

Looking for tips and ideas for your birthday party?  Check out  They offer lots of arts and crafts ideas for birthday parties, kids party games, birthday tips, ideas for birthday parties, and more.  It’s icing on your cake!  

Magic Cake at Abra-Kid-Abra Birthday Party Place

At our birthday party place in St. Louis, we had a beautiful magic cake recently for Julia’s birthday party!  If you’d like to know where to get one, contact us and I can get you the baker’s name.

Float into the Room Gag

Float into the Room! Effect: Your head comes into view in the doorway, as though you are sideways—maybe even flying.(Photo #1)You go up and down the door jamb (photo #2), then jump down, landing in the doorway, and walk into the room.Talk about a dramatic entrance! A fun stunt to do for friends or family, or to make an entrance to begin a show.
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